Taf Studio, founded in 2010 following Taner Ardalı's entrance into the Linotype library, is an Istanbul-based font design studio specializing in professional services for both retail and customized font design.

We are a group of typography enthusiasts who collaborate on projects with a team ranging from 2 to 5 individuals, including researchers, interns, graphic designers, and font designers, depending on the project's scope.

Our success lies in leveraging our diverse expertise and applying it to the field of type design. While our main office is located in Istanbul, we operate as remote designers brought together by our shared project endeavors.

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    Exploration of Originality

    In a world filled with thousands of fonts, a significant portion of them unvetted and lacking in quality, our approach is to design typefaces that truly distinguish themselves and become instantly recognizable.

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    Our Passion as Our Profession

    We derive our expertise from our passion for the intricacies of typography, typefaces, and the nuances that render them unique. It's an evolving perspective, fixated on striking the perfect balance between readability and aesthetics. Enjoys exploring the effects of various styles in different environments and devices. It represents our never-ending journey of typographic pursuit.

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    Each Job as a Creative Opportunity

    Our foremost worry in our work is the possibility of stress overshadowing our passion. Our solution is to view each task as a chance to transform our knowledge and ideas into reality. This serves as our primary driving force for crafting distinctive typefaces.

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