Taf Studio Font Licenses

Desktop License

For Print and Branding Projects

The desktop license covers the use of the font in graphic design projects, such as logos, signs, posters, flyers, and other printed or digital materials. It allows for both personal and commercial use, meaning you can employ the font for your own projects or client work. You can also create products (e.g., mugs, t-shirts) featuring the font and sell them, as long as the font isn’t the primary selling point of your product. The license does have user restrictions, and embedding fonts in electronic documents or websites is generally not allowed. Desktop font licenses are perpetual, offering indefinite use after a one-time purchase.

Webfont License

For websites and online platforms.

The webfont license enables you to use the font on your website or online platform, allowing you to embed the font directly into your website’s CSS code to ensure consistent and visually appealing typography. It does come with some limitations on the number of domains, subdomains, and monthly pageviews. Font file redistribution and using them in resale products are restricted. The total pageviews per month across all your websites must not exceed the pageview limit specified in your license, but you can upgrade limits as needed.

App License

For mobile applications and software.

The app font license allows you to use the font within mobile applications and software, enabling you to embed the font directly into your app or software’s code for enhanced versatility and performance. It does come with restrictions on the number of apps, installations, or active users. Font file redistribution and use in resale products are not permitted. Our app licenses are perpetual, meaning a single payment grants you lifelong use.

Digital Ad License

For digital advertising.

The digital ad license grants exclusive permission to use the font solely for digital advertising purposes, such as online banners, social media ads, and display advertisements. It includes limitations on the number of impressions or views and prohibits font redistribution or use in resale products. This license is specific to digital advertising materials and does not extend to other design or branding purposes.

Enterprise License

Extend license for companies.

An enterprise font license is a versatile agreement designed to meet the diverse font needs of large companies and organizations. It offers comprehensive rights, covering font usage across various media, including print, web, apps, and software. Unlike other licenses, it doesn’t impose user or installation limits, making it suitable for organizations with numerous users and departments. These licenses typically have no time constraints and may include transferable rights for external teams involved in projects. Enterprise licenses can be customized to align with an organization’s specific requirements while addressing copyright concerns.

Trial License 

For Font Evaluation 

Trial fonts are fully installable font files designed for testing and evaluation purposes within any software program. They are not authorized for use in final projects, whether for personal or commercial purposes, without the purchase of a full license. It is advisable to assess their suitability for a project during the trial phase. Trial fonts include the basic Latin alphabet, most numbers, and basic punctuation, but they do not offer OpenType features or extended language support.